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Ron Meyers GreywashRMG 2oz Set
RMG 4oz Set
Ron Meyers Greywash
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Ron Meyers Greywash
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For those who are wondering,
...Here’s the scoop, after years of doing Black & Grey and hearing the constant BS about not being able to find “this Black” or “That Black” for my washes; I tried using some of the other premixed washes and they weren’t bad but they just weren’t right for me.
With as much Black & Grey work as i do I needed more than just 3 or 4 Shades. So, around the beginning of 2011 I really Buckled down and devoted some serious time and thought into coming up with my own formula and I feel the result is the perfect variation of grey shades.
After using this formula for awhile, a few friends asked to try it. Since they’ve kept me busy making more, I decided to offer it to everyone else!
I’m not saying it’s right for everyone, but I use it everyday and it works great for me!