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Chad Fullerton TattoosPaintings by Chad Fullerton
Chad Fullerton
Chad Fullerton, also known as “bloodytofu” for all you Instagram junkies out there!
Having begun his apprenticeship at Low Lock Tattoo Studio in February of 2017, Chad has gotten a firsthand look at the inside tricks of the trade and truly feels this career is a perfect fit for his skill set and interests.
When asked who and/or what piqued his interest in pursuing a career as a tattoo artist, he credits his first ever tattoo experience in his early 20s. “My first tattoo experience turned me on to the art in my early 20s, and I’ve wanted to tattoo since then.”
An alum of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Chad specialized in Industrial Design Technology and Special Effects make-up, but also has backgrounds in drawing, sculpting, and painting; thus,bringing a very well-rounded artist to the shop!
When asked what tattoo artists he admires, names like Nikki Hurtado, Javier Franco, Nick Keiser, Chris Primm, Kyle Cotterman, Paul Acker, Jesse Levitt and Jeff Gouge are brought up in discussion.
At this point in his early career, Chad is particularly attracted to the Neotraditional style; however, anything with bold lines and vivid colors are also a favorite.
In the next 5 to 10 years, he aspires to be creating amazingtattoos and continuing to improve his skills. Chad is already proving to be a shop-favorite with his bright colors and eclectic style! His opportunities seem infinite, and we are excited to be a part of his journey as a tattoo artist.